Wednesday, January 24, 2007

World Pyro Olympics, January 2007

I watched it during 4 of the 5 event dates.

Saw the shows of the following countries:

Australia: First day of the World Pyro Olympics. I decided spontaneously to go watch 1.5 hours prior to the start of the show. Emma went along after just one invite. Parts of the show was obscured by trees and some buildings coz we were just making our way through Edsa extension when it started.

Poland: Allegedly used 3 barges for their fireworks, most countries used only 1, can't confirm though coz i found some parts of show to be low on energy. I was pushed, elbowed, stepped-on, cursed at, by zergs outside the general viewing area. Lost my temper and yelled "We are not obliged to excuse you bitch!" to this woman to was demanding that we excuse her just because a 10-yr old prepubescent was with her. Why would you bring a 10-yr old prepubescent to a situation that can potentially turn into a stampede? And demand that people part like the red sea just because you are with a 10yr old prepubescent. Brain has aparently shrunk because it hasn't been used for a while.

USA: Second day. Left earlier but still found myself outside the general viewing area with the zergs. Well-sustained energy throughout the show, impressed because they were always firing 3 at a time, little did i know at that point that it will be greatly surpassed.

Spain: Some lull moments, i found their fireworks combinations to be quite artistic, that this firework has to come only with this, and only at this time.

United Kingdom: Not a dull moment, lots of unique tricks, including 2 sequences where they bounced the fireworks on the water surface, precise fireworks, the circles were very well formed, lots of energy too, even surpassed the USA because they were firing 4 to 6 everytime, clearly used 2 barges. i liked their routine best, coincidentally, they're also the team that won 1st place. This was the first of 2 days when i was able to see the fireworks literally bayside, 3rd day watching the fireworks. Special thanx to Herald who gave me one of the best spots by the bay to appreciate the fireworks. Didn't go with friends but made new friends in the process.

Germany: Super energy from start to finish, left almost everybody breathless, firing 5 at a time, and with typical German precision in formation and location. I would rate this as 2nd place.

Denmark: Second day that i saw the fireworks literally bayside, 4th day watching the fireworks. Low energy routine. Saw it with Terai.

Canada: High energy fireworks, no unique tricks though.

Watch out for fotos.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

3 Cheeses and Pesto Pizza for New Year

Terai, Annie and I decided to meet again on 30 December for a Christmas and New Year Dinner. We had planned to eat at Persiana at 36 Polaris Street. Annie was driving around Makati for several minutes under the navigational skills of Terai. But this was no ordinary evening to drive around Makati coz a lot of the roads were closed for the New Year Celebration the following day. But finally, we were able to locate Polaris Street… and then again after several minutes of trying to find the resto, I decided to look for it by walking and asking around. Voila! The restaurant no longer exists; it has been replaced by Alba!.. a beer house! It was a pleasant surprise though, coz it may serve the nice Belgian cherry beer that I like, and I saw the logo on the front door of Alba. We decided to go to another resto, Soul Food at Greenbelt 3. We ordered quesadillas, and 3 cheese and pesto pizza. BIG MISTAKE!!! It was served to us by a tall and beautiful waitress, but she served us a gray-green pizza with strands of yellow scattered all over. It looked totally disgusting! And the 3 of us had the same reaction and it was done simultaneously and without censorship. Firstly, our jaws dropped. Secondly, a moment of silence. Third and lastly, as if on cue, loud boisterous laughter filling the entire restaurant, with the tall and beautiful waitress still standing beside our table, looking dumb-founded. Well, another restaurant added to our list. But to be fair, the pizza tasted good, just good, not spectacular, perhaps a 6/10. The Quattro formaggio pizza at Amici di Don Bosco tasted so much better, I’d give it a 9/10.

Christmas Walkathon

Terai and I decided to meet on 23 December to go around. While traveling, I got stuck in E. Rodriguez Avenue. Major ‘I am a flower moment!’ The person beside me was with her pre-adolescent bonging-type child who was dripping her food all over my arm. The mother, on the other hand, was occupying more than her fair share of the space, thereby squishing me. And the traffic was horrendous! I spent 2 hours stuck in traffic, when normally I’d spend only 15 minutes traveling that route. In effect, Terai arrived in Makati even before I did, despite warning me that she would be late. In Makati, I got lost looking for Gloria jeans coffee. But finally, I was able to meet Terai; I was 30 minutes late despite leaving earlier than Terai. From the moment we met at Gloria jeans, we spent the rest of the time walking and occasionally eating. We ordered Quattro formaggio at Amici di Don Bosco. Super!