Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Complete The Triad

Eiffel Tower (France)...__________(Philippines)...Statue of Liberty (USA)

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Day After

Six out of twelve exams are now over. The first day was ok. Only 1 of 3 subjects was difficult.. microbiology/parasitology. It gave me some confidence and an idea on the kind of exam I will be taking.

The 2nd day was a bloodbath. Two out of 3 subjects were difficult. Physiology and pathology were bloody difficult. but I was happy that legal medicine/medical jurisprudence was ok… because it is a very technical subject. I was so fatigued after the 1st day of exams that I wasn’t able to re-read the subjects for the 2nd day.. but I should have.

Well, it’s a matter of statistics now… whether I pass or not.

Arriving from 2nd exam, I wanted to find out the correct answers to the questions because they are often asked again in the other subjects. But it was giving me frustrations and more fatigue, so I just slept… I think I slept for more that 10hours. So today, I feel refreshed, ready to look for those answers. And more studying.

There was a one nice thing about the 2nd day of the exams though. While going home, I stumbled upon this church, it didn’t look much from the outside because it was painted with an appaling pale blue and white. It looked more like a cake than a church. But the gothic-inspired spires were unmistakable. And when I went in, I was amazed. The vaulted ceiling, the columns, the painted dome, the murals, and the stained glass windows were unmistakably original Spanish-era. The altar pieces were also original but they did a horrible paint job. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw tombstones lining the side of the church dating back to 1870. I was so amazed that I was straining my neck looking at them. The other people might have found it strange that I was so amazed by the old church. It’s quite a pity that few people show appreciation for such old architecture… when in fact they should. The name of the church is the church of San Sebastian.

I didn’t find it the church in the Jens Peters Guide to the Philippines, I will also check with Lonely Planet Philippines, if it’s not there, I plan to submit it as an entry.

Pre Board Exam Tension

The day prior to the board exams was just horrible. i had really bad palpitations, and i was so nervous. but it was not something i couldn't handle. i jogged until my heart and my side hurts and i was out of breath. and i took an anxiolytic pill after.